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Yukigassen Snow Battle 2011

snowball fight.jpg

Have you ever heard of a "Yukigassen"?

It's the Japanese term for a snow battle or snowball fight and Fort Edmonton Park is hosting the first Canadian Yukigassen Snow Battle in early March.

With events for men, women and kids spread out over 158 acres with 15 - 20 Yukigassen courts, the event is going to be a great weekend of outdoor fun. You must pre-register your team of 7 - 9 people in advance here and you'll get to play at least four games during the battle.

Fun and entertainment are the name of the game for this weekend, and Fort Edmonton Park's Blatchford Field Air Hangar and the Hotel Selkirk will both be open and hopping with food, beverages and music entertainment for players and fans alike. Be sure to take in this new and high energy fun winter competition, and maybe earn the right to be called Canada's 2011 Yukigassen Champion!

The Yukigassen Snow Battle takes place at Fort Edmonton Park on March 4th, 5th and 6th, 2011.

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