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Downtown Dining Week 2011

dining week 2011.jpg

It's time for Edmonton Dining Week 2011!

Do you love fine dining? How about discovering a new restaurant? What about trying a cuisine from a new part of the world? Now how about getting all of that, wrapped into one easy-on-the-budget deal?

That's what you get with Edmonton's very own Downtown Dining Week. Pick your restaurant, pick your menu and enjoy your evening. There are brunch, lunch and dinner options in the $15, $25 and $50 price range at 32 of Edmonton's best restaurants. Here's the complete guide to all of the participating locations.

Thirty-two of Edmonton's finest restaurants are serving up creative, custom menus at specially discounted prices during Downtown Dining Week!

Dining Week runs from March 4 - 13th, 2011.

image: Downtown Business Association

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